Cotton Shoppers- Colourful and Fairtrade

These Cotton shoppers are lovely and extra large. Ideal for your grocery shopping or a trip to the beach. Handmade in Guatemala with 100% cotton.

Shopper Orange
These colourful shoppers, are also ideal as a weekend bags or beach bags. The inside is lined with polyester and has a pocket with zip. The top closes with a zipper. Beautiful, sustainable and fairtrade.
Shopper Lilac
Away from plastic bags! With this handmade cotton shopper Lilac, you will have a great time. This handmade Mayan bags are ideal as a weekend bag, beach bag or shopping bag. Fairtrade.
These striped bags have bright colors and are perfect for your cosmetics, pens, glasses or other small things. Because this is a handmade product, the colors of the bags and stripes may vary. Each product is unique