Cotton - Kimono Ponchos

Our Cotton Kimono Ponchos are handmade of 100% natural cotton and hand dyed with natural dyes extracted from plants. Enjoy wearing fair trade and eco-friendly fashion.

Poncho Green
Beautiful Poncho Green will cheer you up. handmade with 100% natural cotton en hand-dyed with natural dyes. A lovely fairtrade and eco-friendly summer outfit.
Poncho Aquamarine
This Poncho Aquamarine hand-dyed with natural dyes is a beautiful summer uitfit. Wear it in combination with our handcrafted leather belts. Either way, it will make you look wonderful!
Poncho Rose
Beautiful and eco-friendly Poncho Pink. Enjoy the pure softness of natural cotton and be cheer with its pink natural dyed color. A fair-trade outfit for the spring, summer or autumn.
Poncho Fuchsia
This eco-friendly Poncho Fuchsia is lovely. Enyoy the softness of natural cotton and be cheer with its bright natural color handmade of plants. A beautiful and fairtrade summer outfit.
Poncho Orange
Beautiful and eco-friendly Poncho Orange. It will cheer you up! Enjoy the softness of natural cotton and its bright natural dyed color. A lovely and fairtrade summer outfit. Handmade.