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Privacy Policy
Quetzal Artisan

Article 1. Definitions
1.1. In this Privacy Policy we use the following definitions:
       a. Quetzal Artisan: the User of this Privacy Statement: Quetzal Artisan, registered at Vianen, Gildenborch 10, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under "KvK" number 62253255;
       b. Customer: the person that places an order with Quetzal Artisan through the website;
       c. Website: the Website of Quetzal Artisan at which Customer can order Products from Quetzal     Artisan.

Article 2. Personal data
2.1. Careful use of personal data is highly important to Quetzal Artisan. Quetzal Artisan processes personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations such as the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, "Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens".
2.2. The Controller of personal data processing is:

Quetzal Artisan
Gildenborch 10
4132 HG Vianen
[email protected]

Article 3. Purposes of processing
3.1. The personal data of Customer that are gathered by Quetzal Artisan include the following: name, address, email address and telephone number.
3.2. Quetzal Artisan gathers and processes the personal data for the following purposes:
       a. delivery of the Product ordered through the Website by Customer, at the address provided by Customer;
       b. maintaining customer relations with Customer;
       c. to contact Customer in connection with performance of the Agreement entered into by and between Quetzal Artisan and Customer;
       d. to keep Customer informed of news concerning Quetzal Artisan and/or offers of Quetzal Artisan.

Article 4. Forwarding digital newsletters
4.1. The personal data of Customer will be used for forwarding digital newsletters or other commercial communication by email only if Customer has expressly given Quetzal Artisan his unequivocal permission to do so.
4.2. Customer can at any point in time withdraw his permission to forward newsletters, Cf. article 5.
4.3. Quetzal Artisan will not contact Customer by email for direct marketing purposes if Customer has not approved of that.

Article 5. The right to object
5.1. Customer has the right to object to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes.
5.2. Customer can file his objection in e.g. the following ways:
       a. by electronic communication, to the email address: [email protected];
       b. by clicking the link provided in the email containing the newsletter, which link enables Customer to refuse further receipt of such newsletters.
5.3. In each digital newsletter sent to Customer, Customer will be informed of the possibility to refuse receipt of newsletters.
5.4. In case Customer objects to the processing of his personal data for direct marketing purposes the processing concerned will be terminated immediately.

Article 6. Providing personal data to third parties
6.1. Quetzal Artisan will not provide the personal data of Customer to any third parties, unless one of the exceptions referred to in article 6.2 applies.
6.2. Quetzal Artisan is allowed to provide the personal data of Customer to a third party:
       a. if Customer has expressly approved of that;
       b. by virtue of a legal provision or in legal proceedings;
       c. to protect the rights or property of Quetzal Artisan;
       d. to prevent crime or to protect national security;
       e. in case of suspicion of fraud or other illegal activity;
       f. in case it is necessary for performance of the Agreement and/or for delivery of the product ordered.
6.3. Quetzal Artisan may also engage other companies to carry out tasks on behalf of Quetzal Artisan. Examples of this are handling payments and transporting the product. They need access to personal information in order to carry out their tasks but may not use said information for other purposes.

Article 7. Security measures
7.1. In order to prevent access to personal data of Customer by unauthorized parties Quetzal Artisan has taken several security measures including measures against unauthorized access, use, modification, unlawful and unintentional destruction and unintentional loss of personal data.

Article 8. Rectification of data
8.1. Upon request Quetzal Artisan will give Customers access to any information on them recorded by Quetzal Artisan. In addition to that Quetzal Artisan offers Customers the possibility to rectify or remove any incorrect information on them recorded by Quetzal Artisan. For inspection of said information or modification or removal of Customer's personal data, Customer can contact Quetzal Artisan through email, address: [email protected]

Article 9. Contact
9.1. In case Customer has questions about the privacy statement, or feels that acts of Quetzal Artisan are not in accordance with the privacy statement, Customer can contact Quetzal Artisan.
9.2. Complaints about the processing of personal data can be submitted to Quetzal Artisan through email: address: [email protected]

Article 10. Modification
10.1. Quetzal Artisan reserves the right to unilaterally modify this privacy statement. Modifications of or additions to the privacy statement will be published here. Quetzal Artisan advises Customer to regularly check the privacy statement.


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