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Scarf Burgundy - Natural dyes - Natural Cotton - Handmade & Fairtrade

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This beautiful Scarf Burgundy will brighten up your days. This eco-friendly and fairtrade scarf is handmade by Mayan weavers using a backstrap-loom, natural cotton, and natural dyes extracted from plants.
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These fairtrade Scarves Burgundy are handmade by members of the cooperative Kem Ajachel from Guatemala.

This Mayan cooperative is formed by 70 talented women artisans.

With your purchase you are helping them to support their household and to send their children to school for a better future.


  • Measures: 185cm x 25% cm (including fringes)
  • Composition: 93.5% cotton, 6.5% rayon
  • 100% natural dyes
  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Fair fashion


  • Hand wash and lay flat or hang to dry.
  • Iron using cotton setting