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Sandal Dark pink - Fairtrade

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These Sandals Dark Pink consist in: the bases, straps and ornament. The base has five rings. Pull the ends of the straps through the rings to create different styles. Choose an accessory to adorn your sandals.
In Stock

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All parts of these dark pink sandals are skillfully handmade by craftsmen from Guatemala.


1- The leather bases: The bottom of the base (sole) is of strong rubber. The upper side is of 100% soft leather and is available in the colors black, dark brown and caramel. Handmade by Guatemalan shoemakers. 

2- The cotton straps: are handwoven of strong 100% cotton in beautiful designs and colors by Mayan weavers. 

3- Ornament: The sandals can be adorned with pretty handmade accessories of beads or coins handmade by craftwomen. 


Every order contains: 1 pair bases, 1 pair cotton straps, 1 pair accessories and 1 sandals' bag.



  • The Cotton straps are colorfast. We recommend washing them by hand or machine with cold or warm water, do not use a dryer.
  • NOTE! The bases are not water resistant. Do not immerse in water.