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Net Bag Peach with Ecru Pouch - Natural Dyes - Eco and Fair Trade

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Feel good shopping with this fairtrade and ecofriendly Net Bag Peach with Ecru Pouch . Use the set as handbag or the Net bag as grocery bag and the pouch to carry other small items. The net bag is handyed.
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The Quetzal Artisan collection Eco Bags Muun is brought to you in collaboration with the fairtrade organization Good Neighbors Guatemala.

Good Neighbors supports women artisans in their production of Ecofriendly textiles. Muun means tenderness in Mayan language.

The Eco Net Bags Peach are design and handcrafted by Muun weeavers in the village Neuw Mexico in Guatemala. They use the macrame technique and self-made natural dyes extracted from the guilisguiste tree. 

The Eco Pouch Ecru is simple but practical; it can hold small items or groceries. It is handmade of unbleached natural cotton and pas exact in the Eco Net Bag. The top closes with a purple drawstring lace.

This Eco Pouch Ecru is handmade by the Guatemalan NGO Creamos. Creamos supports and encourage the self-esteem, well-being, and financial autonomy of women who previously depended of the collecting and sale of items found in the landfills in the outskirts in Guatemala.

By purchasing this Eco and Fair-Trade product, you support these artisans and their families in remote areas in Guatemala. 



Net Bag: 

  • Material: 100% natural unbleached cotton
  • Zelfmade Natural dyes extracted from the guiliguiste tree.
  • Size:
    • Net bag: Wide 58cm lang, inclusieve strap 26 cm. lang
    • Ecru Pouch: 24cm. long x 18cm
  • Available in 6 colors
  • One size  
  • Fairtrade and Ecofriendly
  • 100% Handmade in Guatemala


  • Hand wash in cold water with mild soap.
  • Lay flat to dry.

Each handmade eco Net bag is unique and so the pattern and colors varies with each bag.