Our Wool products are handwoven with 100% natural wool. For a log lasting wear, we recommend:


▪ Turn the wool garment inside out. Hand wash gently in cold water using a mild detergent.

▪ Rinse and gently squeeze water out without twisting or wringing.

▪ Lay the wool garment flat to dry. As the garment dries, it will set in place.



▪ Never wash wool garments in hot water or dry in the dryer. The heat will cause it to shrink.

▪ Do not use bleach. It will dissolve the wool fibers.

▪ To avoid fading, do not dry wool in direct sunlight.

▪ Do not hang wool items to dry, since wet wool stretches easily, they will lose their shape.

▪ Clean your garment before storage. Store in a cool dry place.

▪ If needed, shave off fuzz balls with a fabric-safe device.