The Bamboo chenille scarves, shawls and ponchos from Guatemala are comfortable, beautiful and the highest quality. Suitable for wearing as an outdoor shawl or indoor ornamental shawl. They are colorfast, and the chenille will not rub off onto your clothing. Rayon is made from cellulose (plant fiber), often lumber scraps.

Washing and Drying

•  Handwash in cold water with mild soap such as baby shampoo.

•  Lay flat until almost dry, then “fluff up” briefly.

Our bamboo chenille products have already been washed by hand and dried as above, in Guatemala.


• If drying in a dryer, use fabric softener.

• Minimize agitation. Agitation will eventually remove the pile from the chenille and tangle the tassels. It can also flatten the pile.

• Minimize heat. Heat could shrink your bamboo product.


For creases or a too-worn look:

• freshen up by spritzing with water and drying as above. Or hang in a steamy bathroom.

•  If desire, you may also professionally dry clean your bamboo chenille product. We recommend a dry cleaning that do not use chemicals.